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Therapy Services:


The Association for Choice Theory South Africa is delighted to offer this 6 hr special workshop intended to help people take better control of their lives. It serves as a basic introduction to Choice Theory psychology, an excellent explanation of human behaviour and a way to understand how we can improve the quality of our own lives and improve our personal well being. This workshop has been accredited by William Glasser International.

This special workshop, based on Choice Theory, is intended to help you be the best parent you can be by:

    • Meeting your needs while helping your child meet theirs in a
      responsible way
    • Understand the different emotional developmental stages of
      your child
    • Leading by example
    • Changing negative relationships into positive relationships by
      replacing disconnecting habits with connecting habits
    • Understanding that discipline means to teach as opposed to
    • Impacting the life of your child to discover their own unlimited
  • REALity Parenting  (Based on the Blueprint Model I developed, inspired by Choice Theory)

This workshop is intended to reconnect Parents and Children with the understanding that until individuals understand that Change Begins Within, relationships cannot improve if the focus is on changing the other person’s behaviour.

    • It will explain how to understand your Blueprint and how it helps to understand someone else’s Blueprint
    • It will empower you with the responsibility you have over your children’s Blueprint
    • It will strengthen your relationship with your children but focusing on discipline and not punishment
    • It will reinforce connecting habits